Georgian Hydro Power

Our Projects

Development of the Detailed Project of  “Bakhvi 3” HPP (10 MW) – (Partners:  “Rotterman Georgia” and “K.G. Energy”)

Alazani 2 HPP Construction Detailed Project (Gurjaani region, v.Vejini) – Client “Georgian International Energy Corporation” Ltd.

Geotechnical Investigation and Detailed Design Services for the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline’s Kodiana Security Base (Kodiana Sector; Borjomi region) meant for 200 soldiers – (Client: BTC Pipeline Company). BTC Pipeline Company’s Service Order №S-05-BTC-86807 dated August 4, 2005 addressed to GHP Ltd.|BTC Pipeline Company’s Service Order №S-05-BTC-86807 dated August 4, 2005 addressed to GHP Ltd. Client “British Petrolium”.

Ritseula HPP (17 MW) Construction Detailed Project (Ambrolauri region) – Client “Georgian International Energy Corporation” Ltd.|Contract dated 26.04.2010


On June 29, 2021, GHP has started negotiation with Kyrgyzstan Company and in the end of the year,  has already signed 12 Service Agreements for the development of Technical Documents (TD) for construction HPPS (Kogart HPP, Nookat HPP-1, Nookat HPP-2, Sokuluk HPP-3, Ak Suu HPP-1, Ak Suu HPP-2, Tar HPP-1, Tar HPP-2, Kaindy HPP, Karakul HPP, Karakulja HPP, Okhna HPP) in Kyrgyzstan.

On June 1, 2021, GHP has signed Service Agreement with Ukrainian Company “AI Group” LLC for providing a Topographic & Geological Surveys and Hydrological Study work of the Solar Power Plant “Marneuli” (50.0 MW)

On August 5, 2020, GHP has signed Detailed Design Stage Memorandum with Government of Georgia for Makvaneti 1 HPP, Makvaneti 2 HPP.

On September 8, 2020, Agreement of Cooperation was signed between JSC “Georgian Energy Development Fund” (GEDF), “Borjomi” Ltd and “Tba” Ltd (GHP is 25% shareholder) on the alternative implementation plan of the “Borjomi and Plato Cascade” Project.

In 2020, GHP has developed Pre-feasibility studies for 10 new projects of Makvaneti 1, Makvaneti 2, Bakhvi 4, Bakhvi 5, Ukanava HPP, Shrosha HPP, Gundauri HPP, Gvakha HPP, Gomis tavi HPP and has submitted application to the government for signing Memoranda for Construction HPPS.

Our Partners

The meeting of Chinese Manufacturers of Hydro Mechanical and Electrical Equipment

Meeting in Chongquing (China, 2007) with UNIDO General Director

Co-chairman of the Conference Session held in Hangzhou

Negotiations with Partners from ZILIO and SAFAS Group Italy, Vincenca, Bassano del Grappa

Partners from “S.T.E” Company Padova, Italy

Visit to town of St. Poelten VOITH workshop for preparing the Contract on the delivery of Shaori HPP Pelton type turbines runner

Meeting with “NUROL” company executives (Ankara, Turkey)

Opening Ceremony of X’ian International Business & Trade Base and 25 Key Projects of Daxing New District (China 2010)

Signing of the Contract for equipment distribution with Zhejang Jinlun Electromechanic Co., Ltd. (December, 2008)

INGCO Founder Directors meeting (China, Xian, 2008)

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